Vistas House
Location: Spain Island, The World Islands, Dubai, UAE.
Status: Design Concept 
Area: 21,000 
Year: 2018

Welcome to the electric era, the Vistas House is the most sophisticated technological building to shows how to produce adequate power for entire house. The house is designed to use solar panels with aesthetic shape, high efficiency and more durability to be as a boulder in severe storms, the design is also accepted aerodynamic which's mean less weakness points, and a tremendous amount of power. A synthetic island in the natural location makes a pinnacle serenity and quiet in one place to enjoy another perspective in this world.
The futuristic design of Vistas House have multi features, one of the most important feature is the ability of treated sea water by itself makes it a new vision for thriving buildings, moreover each part in this house is hundred percent recyclable which means the greenest house ever to save water from human waste and consider it as an iconic house.
The minimalist interior design has a new level of comfortable and more aesthetic everywhere. The advanced automation system empowers you to control each part remotely.
This exterior design has unparalleled mixture between urbanism and ambient nature delivers mesmerize view in all the time. The purity of water, yellowish white sand and heaven makes it vivid place and cosy for unique experience.

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